Extract from our FAQ's - Number 11:

Question 11: What is the ‘Password Reset Question’ and ‘Answer’ for?


Should you forget your password, we have an on-line facility to allow you to reset its value so that you may log-in immediately and make any bookings you require. To avoid other people from being able to reset your password and misuse your signon, we need to be able to identify you. To achieve this we will ask you the ‘Password Reset Question’ that you enter during registration, and compare your response against the ‘Answer’ you provided. Once you have been identified in this way you will then be able to define a new password and then immediately use the new password to log-in to T5 Flyers.

If you do not specify a question and answer during registration, should you forget your password you will not be able to gain immediate access to our site. Instead the Password Reset function will ask you for a Question and Answer which will be mailed to our data administrator who will then add it to your recorded details and notify once he is finished. Only then will you be able to go back to the Password Reset function to reset your password as explained above.